Oops! I purchased the wrong tickets ๐Ÿ˜ž

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Nick Brown

7 Jan 20211 min read

It can happen to anyone. You click the “buy” button having carefully checked the details and get your confirmation email. Only then do you realise that you booked the return on the wrong day.

Don’t worry. TrainSplit has you covered. No matter what types of tickets you bought, we’ll refund them for FREE within two hours of purchase, with a couple of provisos:

  1. If you’ve selected Ticket on Departure, you mustn’t collect your tickets. Instead, just go straight to the refunds system and we’ll cancel them for you.
  2. Obviously you can’t have used your tickets at all (not even to go through a barrier) and the refund can't be requested past the departure time of the service you booked.

Providing you meet both the conditions above, and you’re within two hours of having purchased them, go to our Refunds page and fill in the details. We’ll offer you the chance to get a full, no questions asked refund.

We think that’s unique, and it’s yet another reason to use us, even if you’re not splitting tickets. We're also flattered that, more recently, some Train Operating Companies have decided to implement similar policies.

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