February Half Term Family Rail Adventures

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15 Jan 20246 min read

February half term is just around the corner, and what better way to make lasting memories with your family than by embarking on a rail adventure? TrainSplit is here to guide you through some of the most exciting destinations that are perfect for families. Grab your tickets and let's get started!

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Why Choose the Rails for your Half Term Family Adventures?

Opting for train travel this half term isn't just a nod to sustainability; it's a gateway to a more enriching family experience. Trains offer a unique blend of eco-friendliness and convenience that flying or driving can't quite match. Children can delight in the journey itself—spotting changing landscapes or enjoying onboard amenities tailored for younger travellers.

Forget the stress of traffic or navigating unfamiliar roads; on a train, everyone can relax, engage in quality time, and arrive refreshed at your destination. With many services offering family-friendly features like spacious seating and onboard entertainment, the journey becomes an integral part of your family's adventure. So, this half term, let the rails enhance your family's holiday experience.

Top Family-Friendly Destinations

Setting off on a family adventure? You're in the right place. We've carefully selected the top three family-friendly destinations that offer a mix of excitement, culture, and lasting memories. Whether it's historic charm, seaside splendour, or cultural depth you're after, our picks have something to thrill every family member. Scroll down to uncover your next memorable family getaway.

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Scotland, Edinburgh offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and modernity. Start your adventure at the iconic Edinburgh Castle, where you can explore the ancient fortifications and enjoy panoramic views of the city. Take a leisurely stroll along the Royal Mile, lined with charming shops, historic buildings, and traditional pubs. For a taste of Scotland, don't miss trying haggis, whisky, or traditional shortbread. Families can also explore dynamic attractions like the Dynamic Earth museum or enjoy a magical storytelling session at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. To reach Edinburgh, you can catch a direct train from various UK cities, with Edinburgh Waverley being the primary train station in the city centre.

Explore our Edinburgh destination guide HERE or by clicking on the button below.

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    2. Brighton, England

    Brighton, often referred to as 'London-by-the-Sea', is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, stunning beaches, and eclectic charm. Start your day with a visit to the iconic Brighton Pier, where you can enjoy thrilling rides, traditional fairground games, and panoramic sea views. For a fascinating underwater adventure, head to the Sea Life Centre, home to a diverse range of marine creatures and interactive exhibits. Families can also explore the historic Brighton Pavilion, stroll along the bustling Brighton Marina, or simply relax on the pebble beach. Brighton is easily accessible by train, with Brighton Railway Station located in the heart of the city, offering direct connections from London and other major UK cities.

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      3. Cardiff, Wales

      Discover the rich cultural heritage of Wales with a visit to its vibrant capital, Cardiff. Begin your exploration at the majestic Cardiff Castle, where you can delve into centuries of history, explore the elaborate interiors, and climb the Norman Keep for breathtaking city views. Families can embark on a captivating journey through science and technology at Techniquest, featuring interactive exhibits, planetarium shows, and hands-on workshops. For a tranquil escape, visit Bute Park, a sprawling green oasis in the heart of the city, perfect for picnics, leisurely walks, and outdoor games. Cardiff Central Railway Station serves as the main transport hub, offering direct train services to various destinations across the UK, making it a convenient choice for a half-term getaway.

      Discover our Cardiff destination guide HERE or by clicking on the button below.Cardiff

      Off-the-Beaten-Path Family Friendly Rail Destinations

      When it comes to family-friendly rail adventures, sometimes the most memorable experiences are found off the beaten path. Instead of opting for the usual tourist hotspots, consider exploring lesser-known destinations that offer unique charm and authentic experiences. These hidden gems often boast picturesque landscapes, quaint villages, and local attractions that are perfect for family outings. Whether it's a scenic journey through the countryside, a visit to a charming market town, or an exploration of lesser-known historical sites, off-the-beaten-path destinations provide a refreshing alternative to overcrowded tourist spots. With TrainSplit, you can discover these hidden treasures and create lasting memories with your family on a truly unforgettable rail adventure.

      1. Saltaire, West Yorkshire

      Salts Mill
      | Image credit: Philip Silverman | Getty Images

      • Nearest Train Station: Saltaire Station
      • Things to Do:
        • Visit Salts Mill: A UNESCO World Heritage Site housing art, shops, and cafes.
        • Explore Roberts Park: Enjoy the playground and scenic walks along the River Aire.
        • Discover Victoria Road: Home to unique shops and family-friendly eateries.

      Nestled in the picturesque Yorkshire landscape, Saltaire offers a cultural and recreational retreat for families seeking a unique experience.

      2. St. Albans, Hertfordshire

       St. Albans
      Aerial view of the City of St Albans
      Image credit: CloudVisual | CloudVisual

      • Nearest Train Station: St. Albans City Station
      • Things to Do:
        • Wander through Verulamium Park: A historic park with lakes, wildlife, and play areas.
        • Explore Roman Theatre: Discover the remnants of ancient Roman entertainment.
        • Enjoy Willows Activity Farm: Ideal for interactive family activities.

      St. Albans provides a blend of history and contemporary entertainment, making it an ideal destination for families of all ages.

      3. Alnmouth, Northumberland

      Alnmouth Harbour
      | Image credit: jeangill | Getty Images Signature

      • Nearest Train Station: Alnmouth Station
      • Things to Do:
        • Relax on Alnmouth Beach: Unwind amidst the serene coastal surroundings.
        • Stroll through the Village: Explore charming shops and cafes in this quaint seaside locale.
        • Visit Alnwick Castle: Dive into the magic of the castle and its family-friendly attractions.

      Alnmouth offers a perfect coastal retreat, combining relaxation with opportunities for exploration and adventure.

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      4. Matlock, Derbyshire

      Matlock Bath
      | Image credit: Khrizmo | Getty Images

      • Nearest Train Station: Matlock Station
      • Things to Do:
        • Heights of Abraham Cable Car: Spectacular views and family-friendly attractions.
        • Gulliver's Kingdom: A theme park designed for younger children's enjoyment.
        • River Derwent Paths: Scenic walks along the picturesque River Derwent.

      Matlock, nestled in the Derbyshire Dales, offers a mix of adventure and natural beauty for families seeking diverse experiences.

      5. Tenby, Pembrokeshire

      | Image credit: korhil65 | Getty Images

      • Nearest Train Station: Tenby Station
      • Things to Do:
        • Relax on Tenby Beaches: Enjoy the sun and sand on this beautiful coastline.
        • Boat Trip to Caldey Island: A unique island adventure for the whole family.
        • Explore Historic Walls: Wander through charming streets within the historic town walls.

      Tenby, with its stunning coastal setting, provides a perfect family escape to sun, sea, and historic charm.

      6. Arrochar & Tarbet, Loch Lomond (Scotland)

      Arrochar, Loch Long and Ben Lomond Central Scotland
       | Image credit: DEREKMcDOUGALL | Getty Images

      • Nearest Train Station: Arrochar & Tarbet Station
      • Things to Do:
        • Loch Lomond Boat Trips: Breathtaking journeys on the iconic Scottish loch.
        • Arrochar Alps Hikes: Family-friendly walks with panoramic views.
        • Loch Lomond Shores: Shopping, wildlife encounters, and family entertainment.

      Nestled in the heart of Scotland, Arrochar & Tarbet offers families a blend of natural beauty and Scottish hospitality.

      These hidden gem destinations, easily accessible by train, offer family-friendly adventures away from the usual tourist spots. Plan your rail journey, immerse yourselves in these charming locations, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether it's historical exploration, coastal retreats, or scenic landscapes, these off-the-beaten-path destinations promise a perfect family getaway.

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